SimpleIndex All-In-One Scanning ToolSimpleIndex is the perfect solution for small business and departments looking to manage their files from a single interface, developers who don't want to reinvent the wheel and large companies with many locations looking to decentralize their scanning.

SimpleIndex organizes scanned images and electronic documents into a single document management database your employees can access on their desktops.

SimpleIndex takes the labor out of document imaging by providing powerful barcode recognition and OCR search algorithms that can find index values no matter where they are on the page. By providing these essential automations for a reasonable price, we make document management affordable for anyone.

The most unique automation is our OCR template and dictionary matching search algorithms. This lets you find information like date, customer name, invoice number and other information on documents with different layouts. These can even be applied to the text in Office documents and PDF files to organize these files automatically and attach them to a database.

SimpleCoversheet Barcode Indexing CoversheetsThe SimpleCoversheet barcode printing application lets anyone in your company print bar-coded coversheets with all the information needed to identify a document. This is perfect for scanning with a centralized scanner or networked digital copier. SimpleIndex can then be configured to process these documents automatically without any user intervention whatsoever!

This level of automation is provided by SimpleIndex's command line interface. All the settings related to scanning or searching documents can be saved to "Job Files", which can be saved to an icon and launched with a click of the mouse or a single line of code. These jobs can be configured to scan documents, read barcodes and OCR, generate folders and filenames and upload the index information to a database in a single step.

It is simply not possible to find an easier, faster way to process your documents!

Key Features and Recent Enhancements

    • SimpleIndex Standard has Tesseract OCR and DTK Barcode engines. These provide good recognition on clean originals.
    • SimpleIndex Professional adds FineReader OCR and Accusoft Barcode. These are able to recognize hard-to-read text and bar codes, and improve overall speed and accuracy.
    • Process existing text in PDF files and MS Office documents in all versions.
  • OCRConvert Images to Text with OCR
    • Pro version includes ABBYY® FineReader Engine for faster, more accurate OCR
    • Searchable PDF output
    • Clipboard / Screen Shot OCR
    • Point-Click OCR - Click on text to send it to an index field
    • Enhanced OCR Options - match against other indexes, skip OCR on files with existing text
    • Support for international character sets using Unicode
  • Bar Code RecognitionDocument bar code recognition
    • Multi-engine Barcode voting to boost accuracy (Professional version)
    • Support for most 2D barcodes in all versions
    • User-defined Barcode delimiter - no longer restricted to "|" for parsing multi-index barcodes
    • Pro version includes Accusoft barcode engine for better barcode recognition
    • Find/Replace characters in barcodes for matching or autofill
  • TWAIN and ISIS ScanningTWAIN and ISIS document scanning
    • TWAIN support in all versions. ISIS support available as an add-on or in Pro version.
    • Improved real-time image processing
    • Multiple scan windows when using ISIS
    • Scan directly to a network folder (processing occurs during scan)
  • Desktop Processing
    • Selectively reprocess files
    • Run multiple copies of SimpleIndex simultaneously
    • Save any image region to a separate file for signature capture, etc.
  • Server Processing
    • Run multiple jobs on different schedules
    • Run multiple copies of the same job for parallel processing and increased throughput
    • Server licenses can be purchased in 1 Million Page per Year increments as an add-on to any workstation license
    • Unlimited page barcode processing license available with Advanced Barcode Server
    • Server processing compatible with Windows 7 or above and all Windows Server versions
  • PDF HandlingMS Office and PDF text parsing software
    • Support for reading and writing password protected PDF files
    • Convert MS Office, HTML, XML and images to PDF before processing
    • Searchable PDF output
    • Native PDF Viewer - no dependence on 3rd party software
    • PDF Auto-repair - attempts correction of bad PDF files
  • Indexing
    • Return MD5 hash values
    • Configure default values for empty fields
    • Export to XML
    • Edit Fixed Fields - make changes to auto-generated indexes
  • SharePoint IntegrationDocument scanning and indexing for SharePoint
    • Compatible with all versions of SharePoint and SharePoint Online
    • Append to or replace existing files in SharePoint
    • Automatically match index fields to SharePoint columns to populate data

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