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The University of SimpleSoftware is an online course catalog of short video lessons designed to teach the features of the SimpleSoftware applications. This lets you quickly learn how to implement the features you need for your application, without sitting through long explanations of functions you will never use.

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College of Scanning & Indexing

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Creating OCR Configurations



Takes a look under the hood of the Zone OCR sample job to see how it is configured. Learn to draw OCR zones and create basic templates.

Creating Barcode Configurations

Takes a look under the hood of the Barcode sample job to see how it is configured. Learn to configure Barcode fields. Tips on how to use templates and zones to eliminate stray barcodes.

Checkbox Recognition with OMR


How to recognize check boxes with Optical Mark Recognition. Drawing check box zones & setting pixel thresholds.

Index and Batch Logs


Introduces the Index log which can be used to import your files into a variety of document management systems, and the Batch log used to track productivity.

Using the Fixed Field Type


The Fixed field can be used to automatically index using a variety of pre-set values such as the job name, computer ID, user ID, etc.. Fixed fields can also be used to combine values from other fields.

Using the Autonumber Field Type

A variety of document separation and numbering tasks are performed using the Autonumber field. This course will show the use of blank page and barcode separator sheets as well as possible numbering available with the Autonumber field.

Using the List Field Type


How to create a drop-down list for the user to select a field value from. Populating the list using a text file or database field.

Using the Template Field Type


Using the Template field type to require the user to enter values that match a specific pattern.


Database Basics


Gives an overview of the Database options, which can be used to export this information directly to any database. How to use the default database to store index information.

The File Menu


Each of the options in the File Menu is reviewed, including saving SimpleIndex Job Configurations, running SimpleIndex Job Configurations, and accessing more advanced settings.

The Scan Menu


Each of the options in the Scan Menu is reviewed, including selecting your scanner, configuring your scanner, displaying scan dialogs, and adding new images to a batch.

The Process Menu


Each of the options in the Process Menu is reviewed, including reprocessing images, on the fly OCR, and using the Processing Log to get detailed information about what is running in each batch.

The Index Menu


Each of the options in the Index Menu is reviewed, including saving indexes, manipulating lists, removing images, and adding images.

The View Menu


Each of the options in the View Menu is reviewed, including changing the page viewing size, viewing images as thumbnails, viewing the grid, and access all the folders for the currently open configuration.

The Navigate Menu


Each of the options in the Navigate Menu is reviewed, including how to navigate between images and documents, as well as jumping straight to a specific document.

Configuring Index Autofill


Autofill is one of the most powerful automation features in SimpleIndex. It uses your existing database to find the matching record and populate your index fields automatically. This course shows how to configure Autofill to work with your database.

The Send Menu


Each of the options in the Send Menu is reviewed, including emailing, printing, and exporting files, as well as how to create a searchable CD.

Imprinting and Bates Stamping

Imprinting can be used to stamp images with a uniform label on every page. This is commonly used in Legal environments for Bates Stamping, where a sequential number is printed on every page.

The Help Menu


Each of the options in the Help Menu is reviewed, including opening the manual, activating the software, upgrading, and contacting support.