SimpleCoversheet – Barcode Coversheet Printer


Application for printing barcode document separator sheets and AVERY labels.

Unlike other freeware barcode printing software, SimpleCoversheet is designed to work with data sources like SQL databases, spreadsheets and text files to dynamically build lists of barcodes to print. This is especially useful in document scanning applications where barcodes are used to identify and file documents automatically.

Freeware version of SimpleCoversheet is available.

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Simple Software SimpleCoversheet – Barcode Coversheet Printer

Purchase the FULL version to get advanced features like command line integration, batch printing and server-based creation.

Typical SimpleCoversheet usage scenarios include:

    • Network scanners, digital copiers & MFPs
      Anyone can print a barcode coversheet, place it on the document and scan it on a shared network device. The document is processed and filed automatically by SimpleIndex, so users need no or training.
    • Backfile conversions
      Service bureaus and scanning departments documents often need to scan old files that are organized and correspond to data from another application, such as a customer . SimpleCoversheet can connect to the database and print coversheets for each file. These are placed in front of the files during preparation, eliminating all manual indexing from the process.
    • Web-based coversheet printing

Web applications can use SimpleCoversheet to generate PDF barcode pages that users can print without having to install any software on their computer.

  • Company scanning departments
    Coversheets are a great way to ensure that the person who indexes a document is the person that knows the most about how it should be filed. Users simply print a coversheet and place it on the document before it is sent to the scanning department. This puts indexing in the hands of the person that created the document and removes all manual data entry from the scanning process.
  • Document separation & quality control
    Create generic coverpages with a fixed barcode that is used to indicate document breaks and automatically group together multi-page files. These can be printed in bulk and used whenever documents are scanned. Handprint field labels can also be added and filled out by scanner operators for quality control purposes. These can collect information like who prepped a document, who scanned it, when it was scanned, batch IDs and other tracking data.

Freeware & Full Versions

SimpleCoversheet is free for the needs of most users. Only advanced features like command line integration and batch printing require the full version. SimpleCoversheet will run in Full Trial mode for 30 days with all features enabled. When the Trial period is over it will continue to run in Free mode until activated.




Create barcodes with data from a databaseYesYes
AVERY label templatesYesYes
Create barcodes with manually entered dataYesYes
Save/print single barcode pagesYesYes
Batch save/print multiple barcode pagesYes
Print or save barcode pages automatically from the command lineYes
Output barcode pages to PDF filesYes
Support for server-based barcode creationYes

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