Astro RPA Single User, Single Bot


Astro RPA is a low-cost Robotic Process Automation platform that has partnered with Simple Software to provide End-to-End automation workflows and integration with any back-end application or website.

  • License is for Single User, Single Bot.
  • Includes one pre-configured bot process, such as e-mail imports or exports to accounts payable solutions like QuickBooks Online.
  • Includes 1 hour of customization and implementation time, enough to install the Bot and configure it for your servers and login data.
  • Professional services may be purchased to create custom bots or extend the functionality of an existing bot.
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Boost your solutions and services with Astro

Astro RPA is the full-cycle Intelligent Automation (RPA) platform.

RPA can only fulfill its transformative promise when the technology is robust, flexible, and affordable. The leading RPA solutions became too complex and too expensive to drive the impactful transformation on the broader market beyond Fortune 500 companies.

Key Features

  1. Ready for end-to-end automation

    Astro RPA offers a complete set of automation technology, including task mining, process mining, , and RPA capabilities to support your digital transformation initiatives.
  2. Fits any environment

    Astro RPA provides flexible integration capabilities. It interacts with applications via user interfaces or connects directly to web-services, databases, file systems, etc.
  3. Empowers every user

    While business users and citizen developers can create bots in no-code and low-code environments, experienced engineers use C#, Python, or JavaScript to build custom components.