Handwriting Recognition Options in SimpleIndex

SimpleIndex offers one of the easiest and lowest cost solutions for handwriting recognition and forms processing available anywhere. It is capable of recognizing printed and cursive handwriting, as well as traditional forms with letter boxes or combs.

Modern AI technology has dramatically improved the quality of handwriting recognition. In the past, software was only able to read clearly printed text where each character has space separating it from the others. And most data capture solutions were designed for very large enterprises who process thousands of forms per day.

Cloud-based OCR solutions employ AI and massive training datasets to allow recognition of any kind of text with remarkable accuracy. And their consumption-based pricing means that you can read 1,000 pages for the same price per page as 1,000,000, dramatically lowering the base cost for solutions.

SimpleIndex also offers a fixed-cost ICR solution for handprint and forms with no additional costs for processing volume.

SimpleIndex with FineReader ICR 

ABBYY FineReader ICR Handprint Recognition EngineThe FineReader OCR Engine offers handprint recognition designed for forms processing. it is optimized for hand-filled forms that use letter boxes or combs to ensure each letter is separated. FineReader will also work with underlined text as long as it is printed.

ICR features are enabled with the SimpleIndex Professional license, available in workstationserversubscription, or concurrent.

SimpleIndex with Cloud OCR

The Cloud OCR feature enables the Amazon AWS Textract OCR engine, that has the ability to read unconstrained print and scripted handwriting with surprisingly good accuracy. It can be purchased separately or included with SimpleIndex Professional.

SimpleIndex Cloud OCR makes it easy to leverage Amazon Textract in your document processing workflow.

Textract is only available as an API, requiring custom programming to make it work. SimpleIndex turns it into a complete document and data capture application designed for easy batch processing on a workstation or server.

Extract text from typed or handwritten documents automatically, even on unconstrained handprint and cursive writing. Automatic extraction of form fields lets you identify key values without templates or training. Accounts payable invoice and receipt processing is also included.

Captured data can be used to organize files into folders for cloud storage apps, save to a CSV, XML or JSON file, export to a database, upload to a document management system, perform full-text searching, or even create bookmarks in PDF files.

Learn More About Handwriting Recognition

What is ICR Handprint Recognition?

ICR stands for Intelligent Character Recognition and is the technology that allows software to interpret hand printed text on scanned images.

Forms Processing Software uses ICR technology to automate data entry tasks involving hand-filled surveys, applications and forms. It provides interfaces for scanning, recognition, data verification and export, as well as management and monitoring tools to track large volumes of documents and data through the workflow.

Forms Processing also includes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognize machine printed text, and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) for check boxes and multiple choice bubbles.

Traditional forms processing relies on constrained handwriting, where boxes on the form force the filler to write with separated, printed block characters. Modern AI technology has dramatically improved the ability to recognized unconstrained handwriting and cursive script. Hand printed notes, free-form comments blocks, non-segmented fields, historic documents, and more can now be converted to text with acceptable accuracy where these were impossible just a few years ago.