CRM Integration with RPA

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) using SimpleIndex's Robotic Process Automation RPA saves time, improves data entry accuracy, saves costs, and expands business flexibility and scalabilty with the fewest clicks possilbe

Stop adding files to your customer records manually. That's what robots are for!

In this prior demo, SimpleIndex generates reader-friendly PDFs when given a fillable form and XML data. Now let's look at how to efficiently upload these completed forms into our CRM's corresponding customer records.

These operations are possible because SimpleIndex generates a log file, including a searchable customer name and the file path where the generated PDF is stored.

In manual scenarios, users would typically carry out the following steps:

  1. Open a web browser to the CRM site
  2. Search for the first customer with an attachment pending
  3. Click the Add Attachment button
  4. Browse to the correct attachment
  5. Complete the process by clicking the Attach button
  6. Repeat the above steps for each customer

AstroRPA significantly simplifies this process by creating a robot that automatically performs all of these steps for you. Even better, these automated robotic processes can operate even while you are away from the system.

Watch this video to see just how quickly this robot moves through the upload process.
Note: Here we use Zoho CRM, but this process will work with any platform.

AstroRPA makes short work of attaching files to CRM records

Unlike other document processing that require users to prepare documents, RPA eliminates tedious actions such as downloading docs and data files from a website or third party app; splitting and sorting files; and post-processing functions such as uploading files and required metadata to other websites or third-party apps.

RPA, you can fully integrate all these steps into one single automated workflow no matter what applications or websites are used, no API integrations or custom coding needed.

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