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Allows you to create QuickBooks transactions from any data source.

OCR data capture tools like SimpleIndex can read data from documents like invoices that must be entered in QuickBooks.

However, QuickBooks doesn’t have a way to import this data. SimpleQB enables you to import any type of transaction data from any data capture application or database.

Works with all on-premise versions of QuickBooks. Use our Primo RPA Bot with QuickBooks Online and other accounting systems.

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Automate Transaction Entry in QuickBooks

SimpleQB lets you import QuickBooks transactions in batches from a . When combined with SimpleIndex OCR and barcode recognition this creates a fully automated for tasks like receiving bills from invoices.

SimpleQB works with all on-premise versions of QuickBooks. To integrate SimpleIndex with and other accounting systems, use our Primo RPA Bot.

SimpleQB is a powerful tool for exchanging data between any database and any QuickBooks transaction. It works with SimpleIndex by sharing a common database where document data is stored. SimpleIndex exports document indexes to the database, then SimpleQB imports that data into QuickBooks.

It can be used with SimpleIndex as well as any other invoice processing system that can data to a file or database.

Watch the demo video to see SimpleQB in action.

Attach Documents to QuickBooks Transactions

SimpleQB also lets you automatically link scanned documents or electronic files to QuickBooks transactions.

Because of this open design, SimpleQB can be used with any scanning application or database, including more advanced software that can recognize line items and other repeating elements on invoices.

SimpleQB Quickbooks Scan OCR Menu Integration

SimpleQB can also add a SimpleIndex scanning and viewing menu to QuickBooks. SimpleQB will automatically index scanned documents or files on your network using information from the current transaction such as Customer Name or Invoice Number. A second interface lets you view images associated with the current customer, vendor, or transaction in SimpleIndex.

Unlike other QuickBooks scanning applications, SimpleQB comes with the full power of SimpleIndex. While scanning from within QuickBooks is efficient for day-forward operation, historical documents can be scanned more efficiently using the automation features of SimpleIndex. These files can be added to the SimpleQB database and viewed from within QuickBooks.

SimpleQB can be used with SimpleIndex Basic for indexing from QuickBooks, or add and barcode recognition for efficient and data entry automation.

Additional users can view documents from QuickBooks using Simple. Only one SimpleQB license is required for all QuickBooks users.

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