SimpleSend – Secure FTP & E-Mail Documents


SimpleSend – Secure FTP & E-Mail Documents

Application for sending files automatically via email or secure FTP.

Unlike other freeware FTP and email software, SimpleSend is designed to work with data sources like SQL databases and delimited text files to dynamically build lists of files and recipients.

Freeware version of SimpleSend is available.

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SimpleSend – Secure FTP & E-Mail Documents

SimpleSend is no longer being supported as of 1/1/2019. It is still available for purchase but support will not be provided.

Purchase the FULL version to get advanced features like command line integration and processing.

SimpleSend is a tool for document management professionals, IT departments and system integrators who need an easy, automated way to upload, distribute or synchronize files via FTP or email.

SimpleSend is designed to work with data-driven applications like document scanning systems and custom business applications that use SQL databases or generate text-based data files like or . SimpleSend uses this data to compile lists of files to send, recipients for those files, upload paths or even email message contents.

Many file sets, email distribution lists and/or upload destinations can be saved in a batch job that can be run with a single click (in the Freeware version) or automatically as a Windows Service or via the command line (Full version only).

Key Features:

  • Upload files to an FTP server
  • Support SSL for secure FTP transfers
  • E-mail files to one or several users
  • Merge data fields into email recipients, subject, or body
  • Connect to any to select files or recipients
  • Select files from any delimited text file (CSV, TSV, etc.) or spreadsheet
  • Multiple sources and destinations for each batch job
  • Integrate with 3rd party applications via command line
  • Schedule transfers for off-peak hours

Typical Solutions:

  • Automate your mailroom by scanning incoming documents directly to employee inboxes
  • Upload files scanned at branch offices to corporate server
  • Synchronize files between multiple remote servers or file shares
  • Send custom emails or alerts using data from custom business applications without programming


File Sets

SimpleSend lets you define complex file sets for upload. These file sets can contain any type of file, whole folders or folder trees. File sets can also be defined via the command line, database query or by importing a CSV (comma separated values) or SimpleIndex IDX file. The import file is a simple delimited text file containing file paths and associated data fields. These are generated automatically by SimpleIndex or they can be exported from Excel, Access, most databases and other document scanning applications.




FTP Transfers

Each file set can be associated with its own FTP Transfer. This lets you send different files to different folders on one server, or to completely different servers in one batch. SSL support eliminates the security concerns with FTP and lets you transfer private data while complying with regulations like HIPAA.



Email Transfers

The email transfer component lets you send files to one or more recipients. Each file set can be associated with its own email component, so you can create multiple emails to multiple recipients at once. If you are importing from CSV file or database, field data can be inserted as the recipient, subject, file attachment or anywhere in the message body. Send customized email messages to hundreds of addresses, each with their own specific file attachment.

A typical example where this is useful is a mail room. SimpleCoversheet is used to create barcodes for each employee. The mail room staff opens the mail for each, places the appropriate barcode in front of each employee's mail and scans it with SimpleIndex. The entire batch may then be scanned, barcodes for each employee recognized and the files sent to their inbox automatically with SimpleSend.


Automailer Component


The Automailer lets you connect to a database containing a list of files and/or recipients and automatically send:

  • The same file to each recipient in the database
  • Each file in the database to a specific recipient list
  • Each file in the database to the email address associated with that file
  • A personalized message to each recipient in the database

These are the same options available for CSV files in the Email Transfer component. Use the Automailer Component to use a database as the source list of files or recipients, or to send personalized emails without files.

Though the automailer component was designed for sending multiple files to multiple recipients, it can also be used to correspond with customers listed in your custom database application. Instead of maintaining two separate databases for your email lists, SimpleSend lets you use existing data to populate recipient lists. You may also personalize each email by inserting field values from your database anywhere in the subject or body.

Freeware & Full Versions

SimpleSend is free for the needs of most users. Only advanced features like command line integration and background processing require the full version. SimpleSend will run in Full Trial mode for 30 days with all features enabled. When the Trial period is over it will continue to run in Free mode until activated.




Batch upload files to FTPYesYes
Batch email files to recipientsYesYes
Batch copy files to network foldersYesYes
Support for secure FTP (SSL)YesYes
Synchronize files between folders or FTP sitesYesYes
Load file/data lists from delimited text files (CSV, TSV, etc.)YesYes
Load file/data lists from any databaseYesYes
Merge data into email header and bodyYesYes
Split large files into smaller files when emailingYesYes
Perform multiple file transfers or email operations in one batchYesYes
Run single jobs interactively in the application windowYesYes
Run jobs from a command lineYes
Schedule jobs to run automatically as a windows serviceYes

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