Take control of Sales Tax exemption forms

Automatically fill and file sales tax forms

Ben Franklin once noted, "...nothing is certain except death and taxes." In the case of state sales taxes, they may be unavoidable, but managing your customers' sales tax exemption forms and making sure you've sent current exemption certificates to your vendors doesn't have to feel like a terminal condition.

Comes with automatically fillable PDF Sales Tax Exemption Forms from Every State

SimpleIndex has the power to recognize the forms you receive from customers and file them automatically so you can find them in seconds.

SimpleIndex also fills out sales tax exemption PDFs from every state to create a complete set of your forms ready for emailing to your vendors.

Link both processes to your customer and vendor data sources to streamline the process. Even without those lists, the state, certificate number and expiration recognize automatically, leaving you with the simple task of clicking on the customer name to file the document away.

You'll never have to dig through old emails or piles of paper to make sure you have that exemption on file again!

When it's time to send your vendors the proper state certificate to get your sales tax exemption, simply open up the Fill Vendor Form job, select the vendor, and all your state exemptions are filled out automatically and assembled into one PDF file suitable for framing emailing.

Manage your customer sales tax exemption forms:

  • Scan customer sales tax exemption certificates submitted on paper
  • Process e-mailed PDF sales tax exemption forms
  • Use OCR or read the filled-in forms from PDF files to file them automatically
  • Search and view customer tax forms in seconds
  • Receive automatic e-mail notifications when exemptions expire

Indexing Customer Sales Tax Certificates

Fill out and e-mail vendor sales tax exemption forms:

  • Standardized, fillable PDF sales tax forms for every state
  • Select a vendor and fill in all the relevant name and address information automatically
  • One click fills in every state form with both your company's information and your vendor's
  • Packages saved to bookmarked PDF files and e-mailed to vendors
  • Receive automatic e-mail notifications when exemptions expire

Filling out all state certificates with a single entry to send to vendor

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The sales tax management solution is available for free to SimpleIndex users!

Download SimpleIndex - Download the Sales Tax Jobs

Some initial setup is required, and we can help you out with that too. Our Professional Services department can have you up and running in just a couple of hours.

Please Contact Us to find out more about automating your sales tax time thieves with SimpleIndex!