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The Simple Software Wiki is the new repository for online help and support articles, starting with the release of SimpleIndex 10 in 2022.

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Planning[edit | edit source]

High-level overview of solution design considerations.

Installation and Licensing[edit | edit source]

How to install, configure and license your workstation.

Job Configuration[edit | edit source]

Creating jobs for scanning, document processing, OCR or retrieval.

Processing and User Interface[edit | edit source]

Documentation from the operator point of view.

Key Features Reference[edit | edit source]

Jump to the configuration options for each of these key features.

Suite Applications[edit | edit source]

The Simple Software Document Management Suite contains several complimentary applications to help automate scanning and QC workflows, view documents and integrate with other applications.

Release Notes[edit | edit source]

List of features and updates in each recent release with links to the updated documentation for each.

For previous versions please see the Updates Newsfeed.

SimpleIndex Video[edit | edit source]

SimpleIndex is a constantly changing and updating software. Refer to the wiki documentation for latest updates.

Technical Support[edit | edit source]

If you purchased SimpleIndex from one of our Authorized Dealers, they should be your first contact for any support issues. They will have first-hand knowledge of your particular implementation and any integrated applications you are working with.

Technical support requires a current Annual Maintenance contract. Please contact your Authorized Dealer or Order Maintenance from the store.

  • Knowledge Base for answers to common technical questions, how-to articles and miscellaneous options.