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Imprinting is a great feature for lawyers needing to bates stamp their legal documents, as well as anyone who wants to add a header, footer, page number, or any other mark to each image they process. Imprinting works on both black & white TIFF and PDF files. Color TIFF and JPEG images cannot be imprinted.

Setup Job Configuration Imprinting Settings Screen

Enable Imprinting[edit | edit source]

Checking this causes SimpleIndex to stamp each image with the imprint text and/or page number entered in these options.

Imprint Text[edit | edit source]

If a value is entered here, it is used as the first characters of the imprint. For example, the value “Page” with the Imprint Page Numbers option selected will imprint “Page - 001”, “Page - 002”, etc.

Imprint Separator[edit | edit source]

If multiple values are imprinted, they are separated by the characters in this field.

Imprint Field Value[edit | edit source]

A value from any of your indexes can be imprinted on each page.

Imprint Image Filename[edit | edit source]

When selected, the imprint will use the filename as the base value. Any index fields or recognition results that have been selected for use in the filename will appear in the imprint as they do in the filename, followed by the page number if that option is selected.

Imprint Current Date[edit | edit source]

Adds the processing date to the imprint in the format “YYYY-MM-DD”.

Imprint Page Numbers[edit | edit source]

When selected, the page numbers are printed at the end of the imprint string. If the Imprint Text is “EXAMPLE” and the Page # Length is set to 4, each page is stamped with “EXAMPLE-0001”, “EXAMPLE-0002”, etc.

Imprint First page Only[edit | edit source]

Places the imprint only on the first page of multi-page files.

Use Annotations When Imprinting[edit | edit source]

Imprints images with annotations that do not alter the original image data.

Measure X, Y from Bottom-right[edit | edit source]

When selected, X and Y are measured from the bottom-right instead of the top-left. This makes it easier to specify imprinting on the bottom of the page.

X, Y Coordinates[edit | edit source]

The coordinates for the location of the imprint on the image, in pixels.

Font Size[edit | edit source]

The size of the font to use in the imprint.

Page # Length[edit | edit source]

The number of characters to use in the page number. Entering “3” here will produce page numbers “001”, “002”, “003”, etc.

Imprinting Training Video[edit | edit source]

Video was recorded in a previous version of SimpleIndex. Refer to the wiki documentation for latest updates.

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