SimpleIndex 11

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SimpleIndex 11 has great new features like ICR Handprint Recognition, Email Import, and new Scanning, Cloud OCR, and Barcode recognition engines.

It also has significant performance improvements, particularly with very large documents and batches. Importing batches with thousands of pages and Exporting PDF files with over 500 pages are faster by several orders of magnitude. For example, 3,000 page PDF file that used to take 30 minutes or more to create can now be exported in about 30 seconds!

Here is the full list:

New Features[edit]


  • Add engine name to Test Barcodes function
  • Black background in rotated watermark image
  • Display PDF processing settings in wizard for all job types
  • Disable legacy rotate buttons for multipage files (use the buttons in the SimpleView viewer instead)
  • Show SimpleView ribbon menu expanded by default
  • Default filename when no fields are checked should be datetime
  • Full-page OCR leaves extra files in Temp folder
  • Unable to clear Autofill settings once set
  • Always enable editing of Batch Log fields
  • Thumbnails not displaying GIF files
  • %DATE4% Template should accept YYYY-MM-DD
  • Index Out of Range error after add or remove fields during batch processing
  • %LF% not matching on all line breaks
  • Allow single space in replacement list
  • Test Barcodes causes issue with field display in Index Grid
  • Improved multiple monitor support when restoring window position at launch
  • Add Legacy PDF Text Extraction option for backwards compatibility and improved formatting of extracted text with some PDF files
  • Improve Title Case Autocorrect function
  • Change default Scan to File file type to PDF
  • Improve OCR and Auto-Rotate performance
  • Enable blank page deletion with PDF files
  • Imprinting font size
  • Remove password from connection strings when displaying in error messages
  • Resample image updated to support all image types
  • Ensure all fixed field types work with Pre-Index jobs