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ChatGPT integration puts powerful AI document analysis functions into a custom Autofill lookup. This allows you to extract index values and text from any document and use them to create an AI prompt. The answer provided by ChatGPT can then be saved as an index field value or parsed into multiple values.

Currently, ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo is the only AI model available. Other models can be enabled by request. Please Contact Us to request additional models and other features.

You can also create your own AI integrations with a Custom Code Autofill function.


To configure ChatGPT integration, go to the Autofill settings screen and in the Datasource field, select Simple.AI.dll from the drop-down list.

Click the Load button to enable the Key Field settings, then map the Index Key Field 1 to a Fixed field that will contain the AI prompt.

The AI prompt is a Fixed field that can use any of the standard Fixed field keywords to reference Document Properties or %FIELD#% for field values. There is also the %TEXT% keyword that can be used to pass the extracted document text from OCR for analysis.

API Keys[edit]

If you do not have an API Key, you will need to create an account on and generate an API key. Once you are signed in, you can go to the API Keys page to generate a new key.

Currently you must manually enter the API key into the configuration file settings. To do this, run Notepad (or any text editor) and open the configuration file to view the XML settings. Use Control-F Find function to search for the AI_API_KEY node. Copy and paste your ChatGPT API Key here and save.

Sample AI Prompts[edit]

Here are some useful AI prompts that you can use to analyze documents with ChatGPT and get useful information back in a format that is suitable for document indexing.

Since ChatGPT is designed to give answers in plain English, with additional context to explain how it arrived at that answer, it is useful to add the phrase "without explaining your answer" to your prompt so that the answer is the only value returned.

  • Without explaining your answer, what is the Ship To Address for %TEXT%
  • Categorize the following text as either Estimate, Invoice, Statement, Credit Memo, without explaining your answer %TEXT%


IMPORTANT your API key will be linked to your OpenAI account and any documents processed will incur API fees according to the Pricing Schedule. These are paid directly to OpenAI and are separate from your SimpleIndex license.

Current pricing as of this update is $0.0015 per 1,000 tokens, which roughly corresponds to 1-5 pages of text (depending on density) or 750 words.