Batch Processing Stages

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This section describes the steps involved in batch processing, how to initiate each step, and the manual processing options available to the user during a batch.

Start Batch[edit]

Start the batch by pressing the Run Job button (green traffic light icon) on the toolbar or from the File Menu.

Import or Scan Files[edit]

Depending on the Input Type, Scanning will start automatically and/or images are moved from the Input folder to a temporary processing folder.

If the Input Type is set to Both then Scanning will happen first.

Automatic Processing[edit]

Image clean-up, OCR, and barcode recognition are performed automatically.

See Processing

Image Review and Data Verification[edit]

Each image is displayed to the user, and they are able to enter index information or correct the values from OCR or barcode recognition.

See Verification

Export Batch[edit]

Once all files have been indexed and the batch is audited, the files are exported. There are multiple steps in the export process, depending on the options you select.

See Export

Beginners Guide to Batch Scanning and Indexing Video[edit]

Video was recorded in a previous version of SimpleIndex. Refer to the wiki documentation for latest updates.