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The University of SimpleSoftware is an online course catalog of short video lessons designed to teach the features of the SimpleSoftware applications. This lets you quickly learn how to implement the features you need for your application, without sitting through long explanations of functions you will never use.

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College of Scanning & Indexing

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Getting Started with SimpleIndex

The SimpleIndex approach to batch scanning; installing and running for the first time; using the sample jobs; options available to operator during processing.

Job Configuration Basics


Selecting an input source; setting the output location; folder/file naming schemes; manual index fields.

One-Click Processing


Introduces the Pre-Index Batch option and demonstrates its use with manual indexing, barcodes and launching from an icon.

Operator Training: Scanning and Indexing with SimpleIndex

Focuses on how to use SimpleIndex from the operator's point of view. Navigating the SimpleIndex application. Options available during batch processing. Shortcuts for efficient scanning and indexing.

Introduction to OCR and Barcode Recognition

Demonstrates the use of OCR and Barcode Recognition to automate the indexing of scanned images. Overview of OCR and Barcode terminology, uses and limitations.

Processing Existing Files with SimpleIndex

This course will show you the variety of ways to process existing single and multi-page TIFF and PDF files with SimpleIndex, and which import settings are required for other features like OCR and Barcode Recognition to work.

Deleting Blank Pages and Improving the Quality of Scanned Images

Demonstrates the use of Blank Page Removal, Automatic Rotation, Deskew, Despeckle and Invert image processing functions used to improve the legibility of images.

Output Options: Getting the format, folder, and filename you want

Provides a detailed look at output file formats, single versus multi-page files, page numbering, folder and file naming schemes.

How to Activate and Transfer Simple Software Licenses


How to activate your Simple Software serial number(s) transferring a license to another computer, performing an offline activation.