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The University of SimpleSoftware is an online course catalog of short video lessons designed to teach the features of the SimpleSoftware applications. This lets you quickly learn how to implement the features you need for your application, without sitting through long explanations of functions you will never use.

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College of Scanning & Indexing

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Dynamic OCR Techniques with Dictionary & Template Matching


Using the advanced OCR options like Strip Fixed Characters, find and replace characters, multiple template formats and Thesaurus Matching to standardize variations in spelling and correct common OCR errors.

Automatic Processing with Windows Service


How to use the SimpleIndex Service Controls to run a batch job at a specific time or on a regular interval to enable automatic background processing.


Mouse Actions



Using the Mouse Action box to zoom in on the image, move the image, OCR to an index field, set an automatic zone, and annotate & crop images.





A review of all of the image annotation capabilities to mark images electronically with stamps, highlights, outside images, web links, redactions, and more.


Using Windows Explorer Right-Click Menu Integration


Configure a job file to appear when you right-click on a folder in Windows Explorer, allowing you to process the files in that folder with the selected job.


Full-page OCR



How to enable automatic OCR to Word, HTML or Text during batch processing.



Advanced Log Formatting Options


The log file can be configured to output the field values in any order and in any delimited text file format. This allows SimpleIndex to create index files that are compatible with most document management systems.


Duplicate Page Detection



Most applications to detect duplicate files will only detect exact copies of a digital file. They use something similar to the %FILEHASH% Fixed Field to generate a unique "fingerprint" value for each file that can be used to quickly detect any exact copies.

Adding Tables and Line Items



Let's make processing Invoices easier by adding of Tables and Line Items with AWSInvoices.