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Actual Size[edit]

View the actual pixels of the image in 1:1 ratio.

Full Page[edit]

Fit the entire page on the screen.

Page Width[edit]

Fit the width of the page on the screen (8.3.16).

Image Grid[edit]

Displays or hides the Grid view.

Image Thumbnails[edit]

Performs the same function as the Thumbnails toolbar button.

OCR Text[edit]

When this option is selected, OCR text for each file is displayed in the SimpleIndex window instead of the original file. This includes text from full-page OCR, existing text files, and text extracted from MS Office and PDF files.

Zone OCR text will be displayed if the Output zone OCR data to text files option is selected.

The OCR text may be edited to correct mistakes before exporting.

See Use Full Page Text for more on what you can do with document text.

Changes are saved when the Save Index button is clicked.


Choose between the SimpleView viewer, or to use your Acrobat viewer's browser plug-in to view PDF files and a basic image viewer for images.

This setting is saved with the configuration file so it will be reset whenever the job file is opened.

For more see Viewer.

Reset Grid Columns[edit]

Reverts all grid column sizes back to their default. Use it to restore columns that have been hidden by shrinking them down to zero width.

Input Folder[edit]

Opens the Input folder for the current job in Windows Explorer.

Processing Folder[edit]

Opens the current processing folder. For most jobs this folder is: C:\Documents and Settings\CurrentUser\Local Settings\Temp\SimpleIndex

Output Folder[edit]

Opens the Output folder for the current job in Windows Explorer.

Log Folder[edit]

Opens the Log folder for the current job in Windows Explorer.

Backup Folder[edit]

Opens the Backup folder for the current job in Windows Explorer.

Annotation Toolbar[edit]

Use this option to show or hide the annotation toolbar when TIFF images are displayed. When annotations are not used, hiding the toolbar gives you a little extra room to view images.

Enable Zoom Locking[edit]

This checkable option enables or disables the automatic zooming feature of SimpleIndex, configured in the Zones & OCR settings. Automatic zooming causes the display to zoom in on a certain part of the image whenever a field is selected. Some users may prefer this feature, others may not. This menu option lets you turn it on and off.

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