Affordable Document Management

SimpleIndex® is a great solution for small businesses and departments that need a quick and affordable way to scan, organize and view documents. SimpleIndex provides a wide variety of retrieval options, many of which require no special software to find and view documents.

Affordable Document Management Solutions with SimpleIndexThe most basic solution uses Windows folders and filenames to organize and find documents on a shared network drive or synced to a cloud storage platform.

SimpleIndex lets you use index field values to create folders and filenames automatically, automating the process with barcodes, OCR and database lookups where possible.

You can also use SimpleIndex with SimpleSearch to create a keyword-searchable database that lets you find and view documents based on one or more index values.

There are several advantages to using SimpleSearch instead of Windows folders:

  • Find documents based on specific keywords or phrases
  • Drop-down lists to select possible keyword values
  • Use "And" and "Or" logic to search multiple field values
  • Search the full text of OCR'd documents, Office and PDF files
  • Search results are returned instantly
  • Quickly browse through all matching files, even if they are in different folders
  • Integrated file viewer with zoom, annotation, print and email functions
  • Index data stored in a database and can be re-used for reporting and other applications

Integration with Third Party Document Management

SimpleIndex is able to integrate with Enterprise Document Management Systems using a variety of integration methods.

Lowering the Cost of Document Management

automate data entry for affordable document management

Many small businesses are going digital with their documents. However, many also find that the document management systems available are too complex, expensive, or labor-intensive to be practical in a small office.

SimpleIndex was designed to solve this problem by removing many of the costly and cumbersome "gotchas" that make practical implementation of these systems impossible.

Here are some of the ways SimpleIndex saves you money:

  • Standalone scanning, indexing & retrieval license starts at $500.
  • No limitations on processing volume ("click charges").
  • Files are stored in standard formats using logical folders and filename structures
  • Exported files can be synced any cloud storage platforms
  • Key data is embedded in the file names and metadata tags to ensure they can be found without a third party database or app
  • SimpleView provides both free and low-cost options to browse, search and view exported documents.
  • SimpleSearch provides a client/server document management system with index field and full-text search for a minimal cost per workstation.
  • SimpleIndex integrates with any custom database, allowing you to use existing infrastructure or free/open source database platforms instead of buying expensive licenses.
  • SimpleIndex integrates seamlessly with most document and content management systems available on the market today. Leverage the low cost and enhanced feature of SimpleIndex as an alternative front-end for migrating documents to your DMS.
  • SimpleIndex uses OCR, barcode recognition, database lookups and advanced pattern matching algorithms to automate the indexing and filing of captured documents. Combined with its streamlined workflow, SimpleIndex gives the highest level of automation you can get in this price range.

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