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File and Folder Based Document Management[edit | edit source]

Unlike traditional document management applications, SimpleIndex uses meaningful folder and filenames to organize files on your hard drive or file server. This lets you browse and search files in Windows Explorer, or use SimpleView for a more advanced viewing tool.

There are several advantages to this approach.

  • No need for expensive viewing software to access documents
  • Little or no training required
  • No need manage a database to store document metadata
  • Database and software cannot become obsolete or unsupported
  • Easily copy to a DVD or other portable media
  • Compatible with most Cloud Storage platforms

Windows folders and filenames work just like a filing cabinet, organizing your files hierarchically and providing all the information you need to find the file you’re seeking.

File Naming Schema[edit | edit source]

Without enforcing a file naming schema, designated file locations and naming conventions are hard to maintain over time. Users don't always remember the correct location for files, and may just drop files without giving them a meaningful name.

SimpleIndex provides an automated, standardized process for organizing documents using a file naming schema to ensure documents are always saved in the right place.

Output Options: Choosing a format, folder, and filename Video[edit | edit source]

Video was recorded in a previous version of SimpleIndex. Refer to the wiki documentation for latest updates.

Using the SimpleView Viewer[edit | edit source]

SimpleView is a document viewer designed to work with the file system. It greatly enhances the ability of knowledge workers to quickly browse, search, view, and annotate documents. It also has a free version that lets casual users work for free while power users can purchase a low cost license.

Some key advantages to using SimpleView over Windows Explorer are:

  • Searching non-indexed network shares is 10-20x faster
  • Search supports Regular Expressions pattern matching
  • Preview page thumbnails for multipage files
  • Integrated TIFF/PDF/Image/MS Office document viewer
  • Annotate pages with notes, highlights, lines, etc.
  • Dockable windows for browser, thumbnails and image viewer
  • Integrated TWAIN scanning
  • Complete set of TIFF/PDF editing and conversion tools
SimpleView Doc PDF Viewer
SimpleView Document Viewer