Document Imaging Suite

- document capture solution
- document management
- barcode printing
- document distribution
- automatic data conversion
- Quickbooks data import
- OCR engine & freeware
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Have a Fully Working System Before You Buy

Simple Software offers a unique remote setup and training service during your 30 day software trial period. This lets you see the fully working system before you buy so you know exactly how your solution will work in the real world before you make a decision.

How It Works

For most document scanning scenarios, our techs can fully configure your system in just an hour or two. We would rather spend that time guiding you through the process, rather than waiting until you get stuck and call support. That is why we offer our free setup service during the trial period.

Remote Setup Training Support Services

We use GotoMeeting to connect to your computer, allowing us to see your screen and configure your system remotely.

There is no charge if you decide not to purchase, but if you choose to use our service you will need to purchase our standard support contract with your license. If you don't need tech support, then you probably don't need this service anyway!

For Bigger Projects

Projects requiring complex data capture, integration with third party software, or multiple document workflows cannot be completed in the time alloted by our free setup service. For these projects our professional services team is available to assist with your implementation for a low hourly rate.

Get Started Now!

Contact Us to start the process.

Our techs will request some basic information about your project, including samples of the documents you need to read, how the documents need to be organized, and if there are any other systems that must be integrated. We will configure the solution offline, then schedule a remote desktop sharing session at your convenience to configure your workstation and show you how to use it.

Please note that the free setup service applies only to SimpleIndex, and not to the free products we offer!

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