Barcode Recognition

Indexing Solutions with Barcode Recognition

Barcode recognition is the most efficient way to capture index data printed on documents. If you are unfamiliar with the use of barcodes in document scanning, you can learn more about barcodes in our Barcode Scanning Guide, but if you want to know more about barcode use with SimpleSoftware products, read on.

Some documents already have key information in barcode format on them. In many cases adding a barcode to a document is as simple as changing or adding a font. Adding barcodes to new documents is preferable as all the index data is on the document at the time it is created and in a format that can be read with near 100% accuracy.

As an alternative to placing barcodes on the individual documents, it is possible to print out a barcode cover page and place it on the file before it is scanned. The SimpleCoversheet application was designed to make this easy by providing a simple interface for selecting index values and printing a standard coversheet that contains these values in barcode format.

Barcode recognition can also be useful when you have documents with a variable number of pages that will all receive the same index values. If it is not possible to generate an indexed coversheet for these at the time they are created, a generic barcode coversheet can be used to separate the scanned images into multi-page files, one for each document. A second process can then be used to index these images one file at a time instead of one page at a time, greatly increasing throughput.

Barcode Recognition Features

With SimpleIndex Barcode you can:

      • Read barcodes printed on scanned paper documents
      • Read barcodes embedded in PDF files
      • Automatically rename files based on barcodes
      • Export barcode data to CSV file or any database
      • Separate multi-page documents with cover pages
      • Recognize 2D formats like PDF417, DataMatrix, Aztec and QR Code
      • Recognize 30 different 1D barcode formats
        Code 39, Codabar, UPC, Code 128, EAN 13, 2 of 5, etc.
      • Recognize postal barcodes like Planet, PostNet, Royal Post and Australian Post
      • Lookup barcode values in a database for additional data
      • Complete list of document scanning & indexing features

With SimpleCoversheet you can:

      • Create barcode coversheets for use with SimpleIndex and other scanning applications
      • Print barcodes on Avery label templates that can be applied to documents
      • Affordably enable every employee to print barcodes
      • Create coversheets that allow SimpleIndex to automatically index and file documents
      • Enable scanning and indexing from MFPs, network scanners and digital copiers
      • Perform "mail merge" with barcodes to print many coversheets at once
      • Supports many 1D and 2D barcode formats