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The Mouse Action toolbar is the set of options just below the Save Index button in the Index Panel.

Depending on the option selected, SimpleIndex exhibits a different behavior when a selection rectangle is drawn on the image.

Zoom In[edit | edit source]

Zooms the image to the selection. Once you draw the zoom rectangle, the Hand Pan option is selected automatically.

Hand Pan[edit | edit source]

When the user holds down the mouse button on the image, the image scrolls automatically allowing the user to quickly move around the page.

OCR to Field[edit | edit source]

See OCR to Field

Set Field Coordinates[edit | edit source]

Sets the X, Y, Width, and Height options under the OCR tab to the coordinates for the selection rectangle. This sets the OCR region for OCR fields, as well as the Zoom Locking region for all field types. This will cause SimpleIndex to zoom in on the selected region whenever the corresponding field is selected.

Selecting this option will display the existing zones on the current image.

Annotate[edit | edit source]

Enables the annotation toolbar, allowing you to make a variety of markings on the document. Options include lines, boxes, text stamps, and notes. Annotations can only be used with Black and White TIFF images. Annotations are saved separately from the image and can be hidden to see the underlying image using the right-click menu. In the Global Settings Wizard, it is possible to configure SimpleIndex to make annotations permanent which is useful for redacting private information on documents.

Crop[edit | edit source]

Automatically crops the image to the selected region, discarding all image data outside the selection rectangle. If the wrong region is selected, the full image can be restored using the Undo toolbar button. Once Save Index is clicked, the image is permanently cropped and cannot be undone.

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