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Exportable File Formats[edit]

The following image file formats are supported for viewing, processing, or exporting.

  • Bmp - Bitmap format
  • Emf - Enhanced Metafiles format
  • Gif - Compuserve Graphics Interchange format
  • Jpeg - Jpeg format
  • Pcd - Kodak Photo CD format
  • Pcx - Zsoft Paintbrush format
  • Pdf - Adobe's Portable Document format (PDF and PDF/A)
  • Png - Portable Network Graphics format
  • Raw - Digital Camera Raw format
  • Tga - Truevision Targa format
  • Tiff - Tagged Image File Format
  • Tla - Tla format
  • Wbmp - Wireless Bitmap format
  • Wmf - Windows Metafile format
  • Jb2 - JBIG2 black and white compression optimized file format
  • Jp2 - Jpeg2000 color compression optimized file format

Viewable File Formats[edit]

The following formats are available for viewing in the SimpleView viewer.

  • Dicom - DICOM meta
  • HEIF/HEIC - Apple iPhone High Efficiency Image File Format
  • JpegXr - Microsoft Windows Media Photo format
  • Office - Microsoft Office Word documents and Excel documents
  • Psd - Adobe Photoshop format
  • Xps - XPS Document format

Other file formats can be viewed inside the text viewer (TXT), browser control (HTML and XML), or in an installed application that supports Object Linking and Embedding.

Installed PDF software like Acrobat Professional or FoxIt can be used in place of the SimpleView viewer to provide digital signing, editing, form filling and other capabilities within your SimpleIndex processing workflow.

Full Page OCR Formats[edit]

Tesseract OCR supports output to standard PDF and Plain Text only.

File formats supported by the FineReader OCR engine:

Index Log Files[edit]

Index Logs support the following file formats:

SimpleExport Templates[edit]

With SimpleExport integration, Index Logs can be converted to any XML schema or text file format using XSLT. A number of document management systems are supported by SimpleExport out-of-the-box.

  • Alta Title
  • CompuThink Contentverse
  • Digitech ImageSilo and PaperVision
  • Docubase
  • Laserfiche
  • Summation
  • Tranzact
  • Waco Title

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