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Template matching can use RegEx or Regular Expressions to perform complex pattern matching on text.

Regular Expressions can get very cryptic very quickly, so unless you are a programmer or already know RegEx, it will probably be much faster to use our simplified template format or contract our professional services to configure it for you.

A great tool for testing Regular Expressions is RegEx Buddy. This is what we use to build and test RegEx but there is unfortunately no free version.

RegEx 101 has a free online regular expressions tester.

Be sure to select the JavaScript/ECMAScript as your RegEx "flavor" to match the feature set and results you will get with SimpleIndex.

Another good way to find RegEx examples is to simply google "regex" or "regular expression" plus the type of data you are trying to capture.

For example:

  • Email address regular expression
  • Phone number regular expression
  • Street address regular expression
  • City state zip regular expression
  • US Canada zip code regular expression
  • UK zip code regular expression has one of the better and most extensive RegEx tutorials available.

Sample Regular Expressions

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