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On the Properties ribbon you can view, select and edit images based on properties like resolution, color depth and compression.

Image Properties[edit]

View the resolution, image dimensions, color depth and compression for the currently displayed page.


Modify the resolution for the selected images or convert color images to black & white.

Property Select[edit]

When processing images from multiple sources, it is important to standardize the format before performing data extraction with OCR. Use the property select functions to quickly find non-standard images and convert them to the correct resolution and color depth.

Select Odd[edit]

Select the odd numbered pages or files.

Select Even[edit]

Select the even numbered pages or files.

Select All[edit]

Select all the files in the batch or all the pages in the current file.

Blank Pages[edit]

Automatically detect and select blank pages.

Pages with Annotations[edit]

Select pages that have annotations saved on them. Use in conjunction with the Automatic Highlight () function.

Same Resolution / Different Resolution[edit]

Select pages that have the same resolution or a different resolution from the current page.

Same Color / Different Color[edit]

Select pages that have the same color depth or different color depth from the current page.

Clear Selection[edit]

Deselect all files and pages.