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Application for converting delimited text files (CSV, TSV) to XML and other formats automatically.

SimpleExport is especially useful for converting the output from document scanning systems to the input formats for various document management repositories. While converting data, linked files can be copied, renamed or encoded in Base64.

Freeware version of SimpleExport is available.

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We recommend to buy 1 Year of Maintenance with it. Maintenance is optional, but covers tech support and upgrades for the software. Please consider purchasing maintenance if you haven't already. Please refer to Simple Software Maintenance Agreement for more information.

SimpleExport csv xml xslt converter
This item: SimpleExport - Index Output Converter
Includes upgrades and tech support from team of brilliant engineers!
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Simple Software SimpleExport – Index Output Converter

Purchase the FULL version to get advanced features like command line and unattended processing.

SimpleExport is designed to convert any delimited text file into any or formatted text file format using XSLT (Extensible Style Language Transformation). is a well-known programming language for transforming formatted text data. SimpleExport automates the process of applying XSLTs, especially for document imaging applications where the data has matching files that must be moved or renamed along with the data.

Converting CSV files to can be difficult, since each column must be mapped to a specific node or property in the XML and the text must be parsed manually without the help of XML functions. SimpleExport parses the input file and converts it to a common format that can be easily transformed with XSLT. Custom variables can be defined in the job file that add additional to the XML output or control the program logic. This lets you focus on formatting the output instead of parsing the input.

SimpleExport contains built-in templates for Digitech PaperVision and ImageSilo, CompuThink ViewWise, LaserFiche, and DocuBase document management systems, as well as the DII format for the Concordance litigation support system. New templates can be created by any programmer or by our consulting team with just a few hours work. Contact us to request a custom interface.

SimpleExport can run in automatic processing mode or as a Windows service, allowing fully unattended data transformation that is useful for a wide variety of applications, not just document imaging. It can convert any delimited text file to any or text format, substitute user defined values in the output, convert images to Base64 and create easy to manage job files for handling transformations that can be launched from a shortcut.

SimpleExport is included with SimpleIndex or it can be used as a standalone application.

Freeware & Full Versions

SimpleExport is free for the needs of most users. Only advanced features like command line and unattended processing require the full version. SimpleExport will run in Full Trial mode for 30 days with all features enabled. When the Trial period is over it will continue to run in Free mode until activated.




Configure customized export scriptsYesYes
Convert delimited text files to any format (XML, HTML, etc.)YesYes
Customize conversion scripts using XSLTYesYes
Templates for common document management systemsYesYes
Perform single conversion jobs interactivelyYesYes
Convert images to BASE64 encodingYesYes
Run conversions from a command lineYes
Automate conversions using a background serviceYes

We recommend to buy 1 Year of Maintenance for SimpleExport that includes upgrades and tech support from team of brilliant engineers!

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