Designing Your Document Management Solution

If you have not yet decided on a plan for how to organize your scanned images for later retrieval, you should take some time to consider the possible options. There are several ways to search and view documents scanned with SimpleIndex®:

  • Use SimpleSearch to use keyword searches to find and view indexed documents
  • Use SimpleView to browse folders, search files, view, edit and annotate scanned documents without a database
  • Use a third-party document management system for integrated searching, viewing, workflow, HIPAA compliance and other document-centric functions
  • Use SharePoint to share documents online, create custom document workflows and employ records management standards
  • Use the Windows Search Bar to search the names AND contents of files stored on Windows Server 2008 or later.
  • Integrate SimpleIndex directly with your custom application using the
    Command Line Interface
  • Work with our professional services team or an Authorized Dealer to create a customized solution or direct integration with virtually any application
  • Use a custom database or spreadsheet such as MS Access, SQL Server or Excel to store the index data and provide links to the stored document images

Use SimpleSearch

SimpleSearch is included with all versions of SimpleIndex and can also be licensed by itself. SimpleSearch implements the same SimpleIndex interface in "Retrieval" mode, hiding all the menus and toolbars used for scanning. Index fields normally used to assign values are used for searching instead.

SimpleSearch can use SimpleIndex's built-in database to perform searches, or connect to any other database, even those for existing business applications. Users simply type index values they want to find and SimpleIndex displays the matches. Partial matching and full text searches are also supported. Displayed documents can be printed, e-mailed or opened in their associated application (Word, Adobe Reader, Excel, etc.). SimpleSearch can view several common image formats, PDF files and can preview files for any OLE-enabled application installed on your computer (MS Office, Adobe applications, AutoCad, etc.)

Using a Document Management System

There are a wide variety of small business and enterprise document management systems available on the market today. They manage stored images and index data, and provide users an interface to search for and view these images. Many perform advanced functions like workflow management, revision tracking and access auditing for HIPAA compliance. SimpleIndex has the ability to interface with these systems, making it an ideal scanning front-end for use with most document management systems on the market.

Integration with document management software is done via the Index Log Files that SimpleIndex creates. Documents are scanned and indexed with SimpleIndex, and a log file is created that lists each image scanned and the index information associated with it. Virtually all document management systems come with standard or optional components that allow you to automatically import images and index information in the format SimpleIndex provides.

Many document management systems have a scanning module that is sold separately, at significantly greater cost than SimpleIndex. With a single scanner, SimpleIndex can provide an easier and more cost-effective scanning interface than the default module. With multiple scanners, the low cost of SimpleIndex makes it possible to implement Distributed Document Capture for a fraction of what it would cost otherwise.

Use the Windows Search Bar

Explorer Search Bar

The built-in Windows search bar in the top corner of your Explorer window is great for searching through documents on your local hard drive. It will search both the file names and the contents of those files for the term you enter. This is not the case when you are searching a folder on a server; search is only able to look at the file names. The good news is there's away to enable the content search on server drives as well. On Windows Server 2008 or later you can enable Windows Search Service and the indexing options that come with it to quickly find your files using the search. Once Windows Search is setup on the server, back at your local PC simply pick any shared drive or folder that you would like to rapidly search and add it to a library. When you type a word or phrase in the search bar Windows will search not only all the file names but the content of the files as well. More information on setting up the search capability on Windows Server can be found here.

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