Indexing Documents with Zone OCRBack to Videos

To avoid manual data entry, Zone OCR is used to automatically read the Vendor, Account Number and Order Number from several scanned documents. The documents are then filed automatically in ViewWise.

Text Parsing with EDI Invoices in PDF FilesBack to Videos

Many companies receive invoice data electronically through EDI, but would also like to have a copy of these invoices in the same repository used to store scanned paper invoices. SimpleIndex lets you print a copy of these invoices to PDF, then automatically archive them in ViewWise by parsing the text to identify key index values. Electronic invoices are saved to the same ViewWise folders as scanned ones without any additional data entry.

Scanning from QuickBooksBack to Videos

Using SimpleIndex with the SimpleQB QuickBooks data exchanger application, it is possible to automatically scan and file documents associated with any QuickBooks transaction. In this example, invoice data is entered in QuickBooks normally, then the invoice is scanned and filed automatically without re-typing the data.

Stacking Mortgage Files with LoanStacker and ViewWiseBack to Videos

Our LoanStacker solution is used to scan a mortgage application, identify the many individual forms and upload them to ViewWise. Once in ViewWise, the application can be sorted and exported according to pre-defined "stack orders" that banks require for loan submissions.

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