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When purchase orders are not created, bills must be entered manually. These types of bills often don't require line item data as they represent expense items instead of inventory. SimpleIndex is able to capture the Vendor, Date, Invoice Number, and Amount fields using its OCR pattern matching features. The expense account is linked to the Vendor in a lookup table (e.g. Verizon would always be a "Telecommunications" expense). Once all the data is captured, SimpleQB is used to import the transactions into QuickBooks.

Reconciling Invoices with Purchase Orders | Back to Videos

This video demonstrates how to use SimpleQB to automatically receive and reconcile bills that have corresponding purchase orders in QuickBooks. When invoices are received against purchase orders, it is only necessary to know the PO Number in order to complete the transaction. Line item data is copied automatically from the PO. When processing is complete, all the purchase orders are marked as received and entries in the Bills section are present for each invoice.

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- document capture solution
- document management
- barcode printing
- document distribution
- automatic data conversion
- Quickbooks data import
- OCR engine & freeware
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