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The best way to see how the SimpleIndex processing workflow compares to other leading desktop scanning solutions is to see the same process performed side-by-side in each program. Below are videos we recorded of the same batch of documents being scanned and indexed in Kofax Express™, Kodak Capture Pro™, PaperVision™ Capture Express and Office Gemini DiamondVision™. In each one we configured the software to perform the same tasks:

  • Scan a batch of 10 pages
  • Capture a 7-digit account number using Zone OCR
  • Correct any fields that fail to recognize
  • Use a database lookup to populate additional index fields
  • Export the batch to PDF files
Using our standard benchmark batch* we recorded the following processing times:
  • SimpleIndex: 0:45
  • Kodak Capture Pro: 1:50
  • Kofax Express: 2:20
  • PaperVision Capture Desktop: 3:00
  • DiamondVision: 3:20

As you will see in the videos below, SimpleIndex provides the most efficient scanning and indexing workflow of any major document capture application.


Kodak Capture Pro™

Kofax Express™

PaperVision™ Capture Desktop

Note: This video depicts PaperVision Capture Desktop, a now discontinued software that has since been replaced by the similarly functioning updated version of PaperFlow.

Office Gemini DiamondVision™

Testing Methods

The benchmark times were recorded using all available software shortcuts, and by performing data entry and user interactions as fast as possible. The same scanner and computer hardware was used for each test. Much care was taken to ensure that each application yielded the most accurate OCR results possible given the sample documents. Unfortunately none our competitors could accurately capture the account number on all 10 pages. The extra time to correct these errors accounts for 15-30% of the difference in processing times. The difference in accuracy is due in large part to SimpleIndex's pattern matching OCR feature, which the other programs lack.

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