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MP3 random album track copy Android

SimpleTunes is a FREE tool designed for people who have a hard time deciding which tracks or albums to put on their portable music player.

Quickly scan your music files for individual tracks or album folders, select the ones you want to copy or let the Randomize function select them for you, then copy them to your device.

SimpleTunes is completely free--no limitations, ads, toolbars or anything! Please support this freeware by linking to our website, sharing us on social media, or considering SimpleIndex for any document scanning or PDF processing needs your company may have.

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It seems so simple but there are no media managers we could find that allow you to select random tracks or albums and copy them to your device. You must either synch your entire collection or manually pick the tracks you want to copy. If your collection is larger than your device's storage card, you must go through the laborious and often heartbreaking process of selecting which tracks can stay and which must go every time you want to refresh your playlist.

SimpleTunes can scan your music folder for tracks, or you can scan for folders that contain multiple tracks. If you have your collection sorted into albums, this lets you quickly select and copy whole albums without having to drill down into each folder. The randomize function lets you select thousands of tracks or albums at once, giving you a diverse mix of new music that hasn't been played to death during the previous weeks!

SimpleTunes is an essential tool for any audiophile who:

MP3 random album track copy Android

More than just music!

SimpleTunes lets you automatically search for files by a variety of classifications. Music files, videos, office documents, images, eBooks and other common file types can all be searched at once. You can also enter a list of custom file types to search. Quickly find the files you want no matter what format they are in.

Working with Android and Other USB Mass Storage Devices

Most Android devices have a USB Mass Storage function that allows you to access the storage card data through a drive letter. Enable USB Mass Storage and select the media folder on your storage card to copy directly to your Android phone.

Working with Newer Android, Kindle and MP3 Players via Portable Devices

Newer devices like the Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7 use the Windows Portable Device interface to access data. SimpleTunes supports these devices as well.

Working with iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.

It is possible to use SimpleTunes with your Apple music device if you use it with a program like SharePod. Use SimpleTunes to select the tracks or albums you want and copy them to a temporary folder on your computer. Then use SharePod to transfer these files to your iPhone.

You can also configure iTunes to use the temporary folder for its library and auto-import files from there. When you want to refresh your playlist, wipe the temp folder, use SimpleTunes to copy the new files to the temp folder, then synch iTunes to replace the playlist on your phone. Keep your main collection safe from iTunes and never worry about losing music in a synch.

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