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SimpleIndex 8.4

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This iteration is all about more flexibility with file types, both those coming in and what gets saved out.

  • MS Office Files Available Directly in SimpleView

    SimpleIndex has always been able to handle Office files, but in past versions we had to load the particular office application into SimpleIndex's viewing window. That is no longer the case as SimpleView (both standalone and inside SimpleIndex) can display Office files. This gives you a faster workflow without having to call up the external apps and keeps a single interface for all the different Office formats.

    Excel file displayed natively in SimpleView
  • Support for JPEG 2000

    Using a sophisticated encoding method, JPEG 2000 files can compress files with less loss of information. In addition, the file format is less likely to be affected by bit errors and other file system errors due to its more efficient coding structure.

  • PDF Linearization

    Also known as Fast Web View, linearizing a pdf allows it to be displayed across an internet connection one page at a time versus the entire file having to be downloaded before it can be displayed. This saves time especially with large documents and is well suited to web-accessed document management systems.

  • Improved Support for Office 365 Authentication Methods

    Particularly useful with SharePoint, this ability allows SimpleIndex to access online Office 365 shares without repeated login screens.

  • Split Document by Selected Pages in SimpleView

    Multi-page documents can be broken apart on the fly for separate indexing while working through a batch.

  • Download v8.4
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