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- document capture solution
- document management
- barcode printing
- document distribution
- automatic data conversion
- Quickbooks data import
- OCR engine & freeware
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SimpleIndex 8.2

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Refining and expanding the enhancements of 8.1, we've put more power in the hands of the user.

  • Better selection controls
    • Multiple matches on Autofill generates a selection window
    • Lists can now cascade based on earlier selections
    • List entries can be limited for improved performance
  • Improved SharePoint Integration
    • Better handling of custom column values
    • Support for Managed Metadata columns
    • Support for SharePoint Online w/ NTLM authentication
    • SP Client is now installed automatically, removing a step from configuration
  • Selet the OCR Engine in the Wizard
    • Standard (Tesseract) included in all editions
    • Professional (FineReader) included in Enhanced OCR and Pro editions
    • Switch between the two to find the most (cost) effective solution
  • Updated Output Handling
    • Corrupt or invalid pages are replaced with a placeholder instead of dropping them
    • Documents can now be exported as database objects AND files
    Download v8.2
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