Use Screen Scraper Download to automate document scanning using data from other applications.

Some documents are difficult or impossible to automate with OCR. For example, documents with non-standard layouts, unconstrained handwriting or very poor scan quality. In applications like invoice processing, fully automating the data entry can require expensive software and weeks of consulting. Even after all that expense, many users miss the interface and data validations that their accounting software entry screens provide.

In cases like this, SimpleIndex can help improve data entry efficiency while archiving your scanned originals at the same time. Here's how it works:

  • Scan a batch of documents for data entry
  • Place the SimpleIndex window side-by-side with your data entry window
  • Enter the data normally, reading from the scanned image in SimpleIndex
  • Press the hotkey combo to transfer the data to SimpleIndex
  • Save the image and repeat with the next one

In this configuration, SimpleIndex captures an image of the data entry window, then uses OCR to read the data and index the image. Since the data entry screen has a consistent layout and clear, readable fonts, it can be reliably recognized with OCR.

There are several advantages to this approach:

  • Configuration and training takes hours not weeks
  • Scanned images are indexed with no extra work
  • All the advantages of digital docs--security, searching, sharing, etc.
  • Use all the data validation features of your software
  • No flipping through paper documents
  • Operator keeps eyes on the screen and hands on the keyboard
  • Data entry can be done remotely
  • Data entry performance improves and files are archived at the same time

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Screen Scraper Download

SimpleIndex makes Screen Scraper Download easy with its powerful automation features, streamlined workflow and 1-click interface.

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Screen Scraper Download

Whether you are a small business trying to manage your paper, a government agency or non-profit trying to scan on a budget, or a multi-national corporation looking to distribute scanning throughout the enterprise, SimpleIndex is the perfect solution for screen scraper download.

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