Never Turn Down Another SalePartner Program Overview (PDF)

Every imaging VAR has to turn down many potential leads because the systems they sell are out of reach for small businesses. How many doctor's offices, law firms, insurance agencies, accountants and other small, paper-intensive businesses could benefit from document imaging but never afford a system that costs $10,000 or more? SimpleIndex® dealers never have to turn down an opportunity because they can't afford your solution.

Another cost that prevents small businesses from implementing document imaging is labor. Some imaging solutions are affordable, but require so much manual indexing that the overall cost is still too much. SimpleIndex provides all the automation features you need to streamline the scanning process, even if it's just a single workstation.

SimpleIndex dealers can capitalize on new enterprise customers, too. Companies with many locations must pay big shipping costs and payroll to scan documents with a big, centralized system. SimpleIndex enables distributed scanning, allowing existing employees at each location to scan their own documents and upload them automatically to a central host. Distributed scanning means your customers save on labor and shipping by spending more on software and services from you!

SimpleIndex's cost and simplicity will open up new opportunities for your business, we guarantee it!

Programs to Meet Your Needs

SimpleIndex has 3 reseller programs to meet the needs of different types of integrators and end-users.

RegNow Affiliate

RegNow is the widely used software distribution affiliate program from Digital River. RegNow lets you sign up, create custom ordering links and start earning commissions from online sales immediately. Order processing and fulfillment is all done through the RegNow order portal. You can sign up online and start selling immediately!

After signing up just search the RegNow catalog for "Simple Software" or "SimpleIndex" to find our affiliate program, join and create your affiliate links. Post these links to your website or send them to potential customers and RegNow will automatically track your sales, commissions and payments for you.
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Standard Reseller

This program is designed for people who just want to sell copies of SimpleIndex "off the shelf" and not provide many value-added support and integration services. This program is also for VARs who just want to get their feet wet with low up-front costs. Standard resellers must process the orders from their customers, but there is no support requirement.
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Value-Added Reseller

Value-added resellers (VARs) are expected to bring their expertise to the table and provide customers with a complete solution instead of just selling boxes. VARs are expected to provide pre- and post-sales support to their clients, including creation of custom configurations, project management, user training and technical support. For your service and commitment to SimpleIndex, you will be richly rewarded.
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Integrate SimpleIndex in your Custom Application

Are you a developer looking for an easy scanning interface to use with your custom database application? Then SimpleIndex is the perfect solution for you!

With SimpleIndex, you can easily package pre-configured scanning and indexing settings for distribution with your application. SimpleIndex's command-line interface allows you to pre-set some or all of the index values for each batch, or even to hide the SimpleIndex GUI altogether. SimpleIndex can also interface directly with your database, inserting or updating index values and associating them with the images you scan. With SimpleIndex, you won't have to write a separate import routine to get the new information into your database.

SimpleIndex is a far better option to developing your own scanning interface from scratch. If your application needs to use advanced features like barcode recognition or zone OCR, SimpleIndex saves you hundreds of hours of development time. If you need to let users review each image, rotate, clean-up, rescan or index as necessary, why reinvent the wheel?

SimpleIndex means it is no longer too costly or complicated to bundle a full scanning application with your custom software. Being a SimpleIndex reseller means big discounts on every copy you sell. Sign up now!

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