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The introduction of low-cost scanners and hard drive space has made many small businesses consider going digital with their documents. However, many find that the document management systems available are too complex and expensive to be practical in a small office. SimpleIndex was designed to solve this problem by removing many of the costly and cumbersome "gotchas" that make practical implementation of these systems impossible.

Here are some of the ways SimpleIndex saves you money:

  • Standalone scanning, indexing & retrieval license starts at $500.
  • Many companies offer affordable basic scanning solutions, but charge big for labor-saving features like barcode recognition and OCR that are necessary to make most scan jobs practical. SimpleIndex offers the complete package for under $2,000.
  • No limitations on processing volume ("click charges").
  • SimpleSearch provides a fully functional client/server document management system for minimal cost per workstation.
  • Create searchable CDs or DVDs for document distribution with no additional modules to buy or royalties to pay.
  • Files are stored in standard formats using logical folder and filename structures, allowing you to find documents without any special database or retrieval software just by browsing their folders. 20 years from now when no software exists that can read your document database, you will be glad you have this feature!
  • SimpleIndex integrates with any custom database, allowing you to use existing infrastructure or free database formats instead of buying expensive database licenses for your imaging users. This also allows direct integration with your custom business applications with little or no programming.
  • SimpleIndex integrates seamlessly with most document and content management systems available on the market today. Often this results in a much more streamlined input process for much lower cost than the interfaces provided with these systems.
  • The labor required to scan documents has been a huge barrier for small businesses. SimpleIndex includes advanced template matching and dictionary matching OCR algorithms that let you extract index information from anywhere on a document, providing an unprecedented level of automation. Instead of calling this "Dynamic Forms Processing"and charging you an extra $10,000, we include this for free with our OCR module.

Document Imaging Suite

- document capture solution
- document management
- barcode printing
- document distribution
- automatic data conversion
- Quickbooks data import
- OCR engine & freeware
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