Capture and Upload Files from Remote Locations

SimpleIndex is designed around the idea that it is more efficient to have a scanner in every office, making imaging a part of the daily routine instead of a new company division.

SimpleIndex makes this possible by greatly reducing the cost and complexity of the capture interface and providing unique features that make it easy to implement throughout an organization. Distributed scanning is also made possible by the latest advances in fast, inexpensive desktop scanners.

By moving to distributed scanning, a company with many locations earn huge ROI on shipping costs alone - not to mention the many dedicated employees necessary in a centralized scanning operation. Even with all these savings, turnaround is still greatly improved.

SimpleIndex brings imaging into a whole new era by making it possible for small companies to afford just one and for large companies to afford one in every office.

Distributed Document Capture is enabled using the SimpleSend uploader. Click Here for more information.

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