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SimpleIndex Doument Imaging System is designed to streamline the single-user scanning workflow employed by most desktop scanners. SimpleIndex lets you define the entire scanning process from beginning to end, then execute the steps in that workflow automatically. This minimizes user training and interruptions for input during the scanning process.

But just because SimpleIndex is designed for the desktop doesn't mean it lacks the powerful automation features found in enterprise Doument Imaging System.

With SimpleIndex Doument Imaging System you can:

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Doument Imaging System

SimpleIndex makes Doument Imaging System easy with its powerful automation features, streamlined workflow and 1-click interface.

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Doument Imaging System

Whether you are a small business trying to manage your paper, a government agency or non-profit trying to scan on a budget, or a multi-national corporation looking to distribute scanning throughout the enterprise, SimpleIndex is the perfect solution for doument imaging system.

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Document Imaging Suite

- document management
- barcode printing software
- securely transfer data
- easy Quickbooks integration
- automatic data conversion
- freeware OCR application
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