Data Conversion Software with SimpleIndex.

SimpleIndex lets you perform basic Data Conversion Software capabilities for far less than other Data Conversion Software applications. SimpleIndex is able to use pattern matching to find unique data values that may appear in different places on every page.

A typical example of this is invoices. Given a mixed batch of invoices from different vendors, SimpleIndex can compare the document text to a list of vendor names from your accounting database to find a match. The invoice date and amount total can be found with pattern matching.

SimpleIndex's Data Conversion Software features include:

What SimpleIndex cannot do is extract the line item data from tables, recognize handprint fields or capture data using reference elements and complex logical rules. For this type of solution, please visit ScanStore's Data Conversion Software page.

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Data Conversion Software

SimpleIndex makes Data Conversion Software easy with its powerful automation features, streamlined workflow and 1-click interface.

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Question If I have a form which is filled manually by hand then is it possible to scan it and automatically transfer its data into the system (or the database)without the end user having to type it?
Question How much do Simple Software products cost?

Simply the Best Deal in Data Conversion Software

Data Conversion Software

Whether you are a small business trying to manage your paper, a government agency or non-profit trying to scan on a budget, or a multi-national corporation looking to distribute scanning throughout the enterprise, SimpleIndex is the perfect solution for data conversion software.

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Document Imaging Suite

- document management
- barcode printing software
- securely transfer data
- easy Quickbooks integration
- automatic data conversion
- freeware OCR application
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