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SimpleIndex® is a great solution for small businesses and departments that need a quick and affordable way to scan, organize and view documents. SimpleIndex provides a wide variety of retrieval options, many of which require no special software to find and view documents.

The most affordable solution uses Windows folders and filenames to organize and find documents on a shared network drive. SimpleIndex lets you use index field values to create folders and filenames automatically, automating the process with barcodes, OCR and database lookups where possible. Other applications force the user to create folders and name files manually, making ad-hoc document management too labor-intensive to be practical.

You may also use SimpleIndex with SimpleSearch to create a keyword-searchable database that lets you find and view documents based on one or more index values. There are several advantages to using SimpleSearch instead of Windows folders:

There are many ways to store and retrieve your documents using SimpleIndex. Click here to learn more about them.

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