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SimpleInvoice is a preconfigured solution that uses the OCR and dictionary matching functionality of the SimpleIndex scanning and indexing software to automatically scan, name, and organize incoming invoices into your chosen folder structure of searchable PDF files.

New in SimpleIndex 8.1 - Template Autofill

This new feature in SimpleIndex 8.1 allows you to spell out the specific OCR pattern of a vendor's invoice number(as a column in the Vendor database). When processing invoices only the template specific to that vendor is loaded and all other templates are ignored. This greatly reduces the chances of false positive matches.

SimpleInvoice is an out-of-the-box solution that requires minimal configuration to get started. It comes with everything you need to index most common invoice styles. The customer and vendor lists, as well as your particular Purchase Order and Invoice number styles, can be customized for your company.

Use SimpleInvoice to:

  • Create full-text searchable invoice files
  • Create an oganized file structure of searchable PDF files for archive or to send to clients
  • Quickly find specific invoices based on six different index values

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