Simple Software Document Imaging Suite

The Simple Software product line contains several tools that work together to provide complete automated document scanning and management solutions. Each is designed to work as a standalone application, with each other, or with a wide variety of third pary document scanning and management software.


SimpleIndex Document Scanning OCR Barcode Imaging

This is our flagship document scanning and indexing application. SimpleIndex is designed to provide the robust OCR and barcode recognition functionality you get in high-end imaging applications in software that's scaled for small offices and departments. SimpleIndex's 1-click interface makes it the simplest way to perform complex automated indexing tasks. SimpleIndex works with any TWAIN or ISIS scanner, as well as any existing file on your computer (Office documents, PDF files, etc.)

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SimpleView Document Management PDF Explorer Editor

Originally designed as an image editor for scanning Quality Control stations (SimpleQC), SimpleView is also an excellent standalone document management system or network client. SimpleView turns your existing folders and file shares into a usable, integrated document management solution with easy browsing, powerful searching, integrated viewer and ability to annotate PDF and TIFF documents. With no database or server to implement, SimpleView is the easiest way to turn your file shares into a usable document manager.

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SimpleCoversheet Barcode Printing Label Database

SimpleCoversheet is a barcode printing application used to create coversheets for automating the indexing process during scanning. This allows the users who generate documents to provide the index information, taking it out of the hands of scanner operators who may not be familiar with the files. Barcodes are recognized with near 100% accuracy, allowing you to fully automate the indexing process.

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Using barcodes to automate document indexing
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SimpleSend FTP Email Automation File Distribution

SimpleSend automates the process of distributing scanned documents via email or FTP. It works with data sets linked to files to enable sending multiple files to multiple destinations automatically.

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SimpleSend Manual
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SimpleQB QuickBooks Document Management Data Converter

SimpleQB lets you exchange documents and data with Intuit QuickBooks accounting software. This enables you to use data from OCR applications or third party databases to create transactions in QuickBooks. External files can also be linked to QuickBooks transactions so they can be opened directly from the QuickBooks menu.

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SimpleExport CSV XML XSLT Conversion Tool

SimpleExport provides a direct link between SimpleIndex document capture and various document management, content management, EMR, and other systems. SimpleExport uses XSLT to convert index data from delimited text (CSV, TSV, etc.) to XML or any other formatted text file. Useful for any IT professional that needs to perform automated data format trasformations. Also performs Base64 image conversion.

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SimpleExport Manual
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SimpleOCR freeware OCR SDK API Toolkit

SimpleOCR is the original freeware OCR application and royalty-free OCR SDK. SimpleOCR provides surprisingly accurate results and can save you big bucks on royalties if your application does not require high accuracy on complex or poor quality documents.

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SimpleTunes MP3 Album Randomizer for Android

SimpleTunes is a freeware application that keeps your portable MP3 player stocked with fresh tracks. Quickly scan for tracks or albums, select or manually or randomize your selection, then copy to your Android device, portable MP3 player or any device accessible through Windows Explorer.

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