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PDF Bates Stamp for legal document scanning

Many legal applications require documents to have a sequential number, called a bates stamp, printed in a specific location on each page. Usually this requires the purchase of a much more expensive scanner that has a built-in printer, called an imprinter or endorser to print the number on the pages as they are scanned. However, if documents are being submitted electronically, the bates stamp does not have to be physically printed on the page. SimpleIndex's Electronic Imprinting feature lets you apply the bates stamp to the images after they are scanned, saving you thousands on specialized scanning hardware.

Electronic imprinting is also useful for anyone looking to apply a page numbering scheme, scan date, copyright notice or any other text to document images as they are scanned.

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PDF Bates Stamp

SimpleIndex PDF Bates Stamp lets you print a sequential number on scanned document images automatically, eliminating manual stamping and expensive imprinters.

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- barcode printing software
- securely transfer data
- easy Quickbooks integration
- automatic data conversion
- freeware OCR application
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PDF Bates Stamp

Whether you are a small business trying to manage your paper, a government agency or non-profit trying to scan on a budget, or a multi-national corporation looking to distribute scanning throughout the enterprise, SimpleIndex is the perfect solution for pdf bates stamp.

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